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Store Name Description Team Name Store Owner Address
Zama Wrestling Team Store for Zama American High School located at Camp Zama, Japan. Zama Amercian High School Haden Baker APO, Armed Forces Pacific
Kinnick Cheer DoDea school Kinnick High School LINDA LEDESMA FPO, Armed Forces Pacific
Lester Wildcat Store Home of the Wildcats Lester Middle School MICHAEL CARRELL FPO, Armed Forces Pacific
Kubasaki Cheerleading Kubasaki High School Cheerleading Dragons julie brownrigg APO, Armed Forces Pacific
Pirates Cheer Greg Roberts Cheer Pirates Cheer Anthony Garvin Chula Vista, Armed Forces Pacific
ZAHS Track and Field Zama American High School Track and Field Team Trojan Track and Field DeAngelo Galang APO, Armed Forces Pacific
HHS Blackhawks Cheer HHS Blackhawks Cheer Squad HHS Blackhawks Cheer MASCHIL ALEXANDER APO, Armed Forces Pacific
ZMHS Cheerleading GO TROJANS Zama Middle High School Jessica Molina APO, Armed Forces Pacific
Kinnick Cheer 2018-19 Kinnick Cheerleading Dariana Brown FPO, Armed Forces Pacific
Kinnick Cheer Squad 2018-2019 Kinnick Cheer Squad kim thacker FPO, Armed Forces Pacific

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